Putting Wheels on a ZedBoard

Everyone loves a good robot (and sometimes the evil ones). Instructables user  created a project whose goal is to build a simple two-wheeled motorized robot controlled by a ZedBoard.

For this project, you’ll need a Motor Robot Kit (MRK Basic). Instead of using the chipKIT Pro MX4 to control the robot, you’ll use a ZedBoard. You can also buy the components for the project separately if you don’t need an extra MX4 board.

This project is basically an exercise in hardware and software communication. After you’ve gotten all your parts together, attach the motor mount to the platform. Attach the Pmod clips to the bottom of the platform and the ZedBoard to the top. Then, attach the motors to the motor mount. Attach battery pack and H-bridge modules to the bottom of the platform. At that point, you will connect the H-bridges to the ZedBoard. Then, configure the ZedBoard and run the robot! The Instructable includes all of the files you will need.

Comment here if you’ve made this project with either the ZedBoard or chipKIT Pro MX4. Which did you prefer?


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