New Textbook Discovery–Digital Fundamentals

In the world of technology, progress happens so fast that it is almost impossible to find a good and up-to-date source for digital design. That’s why I am so excited that I found Digital Fundamentals, (the 11th edition) by Floyd.

Digital Fundamentals 11th Edition by Floyd. Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc.
Digital Fundamentals by Thomas L. Floyd.

Floyd offers an incredibly comprehensive look into the fundamentals of digital design. He covers from the very basic concepts of logic levels and basic logic functions to the more advanced data processing and control. Not only does Digital Fundamentals cover theoretical concepts, but it also provides examples, problems, and applications for the most current technologies. He goes so far into application that there are even large sections on troubleshooting.

A problem in the book using Multisim to demonstrate logic minimization, a basic concept  in digital design.
A problem that uses Multisim to demonstrate logic minimization, a basic concept in digital design.

The projects and tutorials cover a wide range of useful software, applying them to programmable hardware. Most notably, the tutorials cover simulation on MultiSim, programming via Xilinx ISE and tangible projects using the Basys 2, one of our Basys series FPGA (field programmable gate array) boards.

An example using the Basys 2.
An example using the Basys 2.

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Digital Fundamentals


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