Announcing the Basys3–Our Newest FPGA Education Board!

This past month, we have been busily working on the launch of our newest educational board, the Basys3!


The newest member of the Basys family!
The newest member of the Basys family!


We took all of the things that people loved about the Basys2,  and updated it to a modern FPGA and tool-chain architecture. Check out our release video here!



You can see the differences between the Basys2 and the Basys3 on the  Digilent Wiki Page for the Basys3. The most notable difference is how the Basys3 was designed to work seamlessly with Xilinx’s latest development tool chain, Vivado. Upon checkout, you can purchase a voucher for the full license of Vivado Design Edition ($2995 value) for $10.00.



The Basys3 has a lot of new features and benefits, but my personal favorite is the demo project we’ve created to go along with this board. The demo project/tutorial is a binary calculator that will display on the seven-segment display.



The tutorial is helpful for people who want to learn about Vivado’s new design environment, but it also highlights all of the hardware improvements that we’ve made on the Basys3. And for those of you who would like some more basic tutorials that explain how to use the Basys3 and Vivado using Verilog, check out these projects that we have posted on Instructables!


We are very excited to see what people will come up with when using this board; between the very powerful Artix-7 FPGA, the Vivado design environment, and the hardware improvements, the innovative avenues are practically limitless!


When you get your Basys3, you should try out our demo project!
Basys3 is available for sale!
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  1. I notice you offer a full license for $10. I bought my board last week from Digikey. They do not know about this offer. Can we get the license from you, even though we bought the board from D.K.?

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