New Product- Pmod MAXSONAR

I’m really excited to announce the newest member of the Pmod family, the Pmod MAXSONAR!


Pmods, short for Peripheral Modules , are small add-on boards that expand the capability of any embedded processing (host) board you may have. The modules come in 12 or 6 pin standards and are intended to be low pin-count, small form factor, simple-to-use boards that expand functionality quickly. Since the standard has been around for many years, we’ve amassed quite a few module boards (over 50 are on the website today in inputs, outputs, sensors, data, etc.), so when we add a new member to the family… it’s generally something pretty exciting!

For example, a top-notch ultrasonic range finder from our friends at Maxbotix!

testing out the Pmod maxsonar with the chipKIT UC32 + the Pmod adapter shield
Testing out the Pmod MAXSONAR with the chipKIT uC32 + the Pmod adapter shield.

So, what exactly is an ultrasonic range finder?

It’s a sensor that is designed to send out an ultrasonic audio wave pulse and then listen for the time that it takes to receive the wave back to calculate the distance (or range).

What makes the Maxbotix sensor so ideal for the Pmod product line is how much resolution (1″ resolution from 6″ to 255″) it can handle in a small form factor . Additionally, the interface options  (PWM or serial or analog) are very flexible.

6-pin Pmod standard with a lot of versatility built in
6-pin Pmod standard with a lot of versatility built in.


I’m excited to see what type of projects are inspired by this sensor and can’t wait to share what we’re working on in Pullman. If you haven’t yet, head over to the website and take a look at the newest addition to the Pmod family!

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