Networking with Multiple Wavegen Channels Simultaneously – Did You Know Waveforms Could Do This?

WaveForms has a hidden gem feature that might have escaped your attention in the Network Analyzer tool, our go-to for testing circuit responses to varying frequencies. What sets this apart is the ability to leverage multiple wavegen channels simultaneously. 

Have you ever wanted to measure the frequency response of a circuit with differential inputs, like a differential pre-amplifier? A curious user recently posed this question on our forum, and we’ve got the inside scoop for you! The built-in Network Analyzer in WaveForms is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to test the response of various circuits to signals of varying frequencies. What’s more, you can take your measurements to the next level by utilizing multiple wavegen channels simultaneously. This opens a world of possibilities, especially for circuits like a differential pre-amplifier with both a differential input and output. 

Many WaveForms users may not be aware that the Network Analyzer can leverage multiple wavegen channels to generate differential signals. In the Source dropdown of the instrument, you can choose from different wavegen channels, whether it’s one, both, or none if you prefer an external signal source. This capability adds a new dimension to your testing, providing flexibility in analyzing intricate circuits. Whether you’re an electronics enthusiast, hobbyist, or a seasoned engineer, this feature could be the key to unlocking innovative solutions for your projects. 

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If you’re an Analog Discovery 3 user who is interested in network analysis, you might also be interested in the Impedance Analyzer, which simplifies the use of WaveForms’ impedance analyzer instrument by providing all necessary reference circuitry.  




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