Multisim Live – Now Managed by Digilent

Multisim Live, an innovative browser-based circuit simulation software, is now offered by Digilent as part of its suite of electronic design tools and instrumentation. With the addition of Multisim Live, Digilent now provides a comprehensive platform for circuit simulation, prototyping and testing. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features of Multisim Live and how it complements Digilent’s existing products: 


Easy In-Browser Circuit Design

Multisim Live enables schematic capture and simulation completely within your web browser. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to place and wire analog and digital components from basic passives like resistors and capacitors, to complex ICs, advanced supplies, motors, and more. 

Multisim Live’s extensive real and virtual component libraries (125 components in Basic/Standard, 5,034 components in Premium) provide many of the parts you need to design basic to complex circuits. No installation required – just open Multisim Live in your browser, on any computer, from anywhere and start designing. 


Accurate SPICE Simulation for Deep Analysis 


Under the hood, Multisim Live utilizes advanced SPICE simulation technology for accurate modeling of analog and digital circuits. Simulate your design to interactively visualize currents, voltages, logic states and probe signals. Simulation empowers a true test-before-you-build workflow. Powerful plotting tools allow in-depth signal analysis with cursors and automatic measurements. 


Community Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Multisim Live facilitates community collaboration and knowledge exchange. Users can publish circuits with rich documentation to share their designs. Explore public circuits published by other users to discover new techniques. Copy any design to experiment with modifications. Educators can provide example circuits for students to interact with right within the browser. The community aspect makes Multisim Live a platform for open innovation and collective learning. 


From Concept to Validated Prototype

Use Multisim Live in conjunction with Digilent’s existing suite of design, prototyping, and testing tools. Validate your physical prototypes against Multisim Live simulations using instruments like the Analog Discovery 3. The combination of simulation, hardware and instrumentation creates a streamlined path from concept to validated prototype. 

Multisim Live furthers Digilent’s mission to provide innovative tools for electronic design engineers, educators, and students. With a comprehensive platform spanning simulation, hardware, and instrumentation, Digilent empowers users to take their ideas from conception to physical realization faster than ever before. Leverage the power of Multisim Live integrated into Digilent’s ecosystem to enhance learning, accelerate prototyping, and bring creative concepts to life. Sign up and start designing in your browser today! 


2 Comments on “Multisim Live – Now Managed by Digilent”

  1. Hi,

    This looks really nice. But…

    I’ve noticed over recent years a growing trend for upside down, or left and right, ground and power symbols on schematics (in addition to random directions for inputs and outputs). Just like the first graphic here. It’s a very confusing way to draw a schematic, and teaches bad habits. Schematics are much easier to interpret when ground points down, power points up, inputs are on the left and outputs on the right.

    Or maybe it’s just me…

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