Need Help with WaveForms and Analog Discovery 2?

We often get feedback that with the number of features and instruments that the Analog Discovery contains, it can be confusing to get started. To help ease the process of getting started, there is the written Getting Started Guide and the in use tutorials. However, sometimes it is advantageous to watch videos rather than read a tutorial.

Since this is the case for many people, I’m excited to announce that the Quick Start Series for Analog Discovery 2 is up on YouTube.

Video 0 is an introduction to the Analog Discovery 2, including a review of all of the hardware features and an introduction to each of the tools.

Videos 2a – c cover the installation of WaveForms in each of the compatible operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Videos 3 – 15 cover each of the tools, including a walk around of all the features and some in use examples.

You can find all of these videos on the Analog Discovery 2 Quick Start Guide Playlist. If you have any questions or comments about these videos, feel free to comment below or on YouTube. If you have any technical questions about WaveForms or the Analog Discovery 2, they can be posted on the Digilent Forum, where our passionate community is always ready to help.


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