Making a Digital Thermometer, a Redux

Around this time last year, our very own James Colvin explained in a blog post about how to make a digital thermometer using parts from the chipKIT Starter Kit.


How does this work? As James said, “…Back to the temperature.  One can convert the voltage drop across the thermistor into temperature by using what is called the B-parameter equation.  However, the temperature that is reported is in the Kelvin temperature scale– which if you’re like me, don’t have any real idea of what 300 Kelvin feels like without turning it into something more familiar, like Fahrenheit.  Luckily, this is pretty easily done within the MPIDE code. So you can now turn the temperature into Fahrenheit, Celsius, or for the really ambitious, a temperature scale of your own invention!”

The final circuit showing the cozy 68.4 °F here at Digilent.


Make your own digital thermometer and let us know what you think!

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