High Five Robot

Have you ever faced high five rejection?


I think we have all been there. Well, it’s time to end bad high five experiences everywhere. Using some Digilent products, I was able to make a reliable high five machine.

I started this project when I was creating a library for the PmodLS1. I originally wanted to create a sort of metronome using two sensors and the Servo motor. But then I thought high fives would be a billion times cooler!

This program works through use of a Proximity sensor and a Servo motor. The sensor is located in the hand of the robot. When the other hand high fives this one, the sensor is activated, and the PmodLS1 tells the chipKit WF32 to tell the Servo to rotate backwards, as if it was high fived. It waits a bit, then the Servo rotates forward, ready and waiting for another high five to activate its sensor.

This was a pretty simple project. The hardest part was calibrating the correct angles for the Servo to turn. My first set of angles ended with the hand pushing forward too far, and the whole device falling off my desk.

I also made a happiness function, in which the Servo would rotate back and forward rapidly as if the hand was really excited and fist bumping. This also resulted in my device falling off my desk.

Low five!!

If you want to learn more about this project, check out my Instructable. Let us know in the comments what projects you are working on right now!


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