Gesture Detection Device with ZYBO

Have you ever been intrigued by motion sensors? This Instructable by  shows how this team designed and developed a gesture detecting engine for the Digilent Design Contest 2015.

This project uses the ZYBO, three PmodMAXSONAR sensors, an LCD monitor with a VGA connector, a VGA cable, a USB to microUSB cable, three 6-pin cable connectors, and a laptop or PC for programming and providing the system power.

What you'll need for this project.
What you’ll need for this project.

After gathering your supplies, install Vivado and Adept. At that point, place the sensors (the PmodMAXSONARs) in the configuration shown below.


Attach all of the components to the computer and make sure they’re all connected. Upload the specified files to the ZYBO. Once all of your files are ready, the gesture identification engine will analyze the data received from the sensors to see if there’s a recognizable pattern. It ignores random patterns produced accidentally.



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