Excellent Places to Find Projects… Not including Instructables

Instructables is a fabulous online location for DIY projects of all types, whether it be more on the techy side (such as an Arduino Laser Engraver!) or if you just happen to only have five ingredients but still need a way to make your Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. However, sometimes it is nice to branch out a little, and check out some other DIY havens of the web!



Hackaday.com aims to  “serve up playful posts” and is an excellent place to find hacks from around the internet curated and featured daily. They also have Hackaday.io where you can go and explore a multitude of cool  (mostly hardware) projects.


Hackster.io is a community dedicated to learning hardware together, and features an stellar project roster. They are notable for their easy navigation system, and the site is organized primarily by the hardware platform you wish to use/learn. It also includes challenges and creative contests, as well as its new program Hackster Live, which aims to bring the community off the internet and into meetups in your area.


This list would not be complete without the mention of Makezine.com.  In addition to their online project bank, if you prefer your curated content delievored in hard copy, Make is one of DIY culture’s original magazines. And if you prefer to see amazing projects in person, be sure to check out Maker Faire or Mini Maker Faire in your area!


They say there is a subreddit for everyone, and Makers are no exception! At approximately five and a half million readers, this sub is a stellar place to ask questions and check out projects made from other readers and community members. The subreddit /r/somethingimade is also a cool place to post and peruse less techy crafts and projects! The interactivity component of this resource is an invaluable way to interface in real time with the Maker community. If you are a fan of forums also feel free to check out our very own Digilent Forum complete with its own video introduction!


A more software focused platform, Github provides private and public code repository (though only public is free) as well as code collaboration, management and review. Explore and engage with what others are building and contribute your own!

Bonus Cool Project (not found on Instructables)!

Location: Youtube.com

In the wake of the release of Marvel’s Deadpool, check out Dali DIY’s video tutorial on how to craft your own Deadpool mask using a cereal box!

Never before has Cheerios been so intimidating Photo courtesy of http://dali-lomo.blogspot.com/2015/03/deadpool-sei-rigid-mask-diy-free.html

Hopefully you enjoyed these alternative online repositories, and make sure to check out Digilent’s own personal project vault!


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