Digilent Discovery and Saleae Logic Comparison

Recently Element14 ran an article comparing the Digital Discovery with the Saleae Logic. The Saleae Logic has been a leading choice in the market for a long time now, so it is only natural that some comparisons might be drawn.


The article goes in depth on the similarities the two devices share, such as both being based on the Spartan-6 FPGA. Additionally it provides a nice table-style comparison of the two’s specs.

Image courtesy of Element14.com

The article also addresses the software each device is supported by, and eventually concludes that “With a few more added bus analyzers, Saleae could find themselves easily surpassed by this new addition to the Digilent line of logic products.”

The Digital Discovery hard at work.

This is an exciting review for the Digital Discovery, and hopefully more users will share the author’s sentiments on the powerful capabilities of this device! Please feel free to share your experiances and opinions with these two devices in the comments below, or shout us out on social media. And if you are looking for more information about the Digital Discovery, check out our Store page as well as the wiki.

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