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I remember the first day I got my iPad, I loved everything about it. Even though I already had a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and a desktop I still somehow managed to justify the 400 dollar expense.

For the first couple weeks, I took it everywhere I went, I even tried to use it to take notes in class (though I somehow ended up spending the whole time on Reddit). After awhile, the novelty wore off and I started having to find new ways to use my iPad. I downloaded all the new apps, invited all challengers in Words With Friends and set an unbeatable Flappy bird score. And, of course, I proudly showed it to well, anyone who indicated the slightest bit of interest.

16lhkrAfter a few weeks, the shininess started wearing off and buyers regret set in. While the Ipad was perfect for entertainment, I didn’t really need it for anything. That’s why when I found out that there was a LabVIEW app called Data Dashboard available for the iPad I couldn’t download it fast enough. My iPad could finally meet my WF32 and my Raspberry Pi! After the download finished my mind raced with possibilities… finally I could use my iPad for something other than binge-watching shows on Netflix.


I decided this was a perfect time to revisit my fan idea. In one of my first blog posts, I talk about the blistering heat conditions inside my entertainment center that lead to the untimely demise of my Xbox 360. I found out that these conditions were being caused by the lack of airflow, I vowed to never let a tragedy like this take place again. So before I upgraded to the Xbox One, I created the thermistor/fan control set up shown below to try and resolve the issue.


Once I got the hang of using Data Dashboard I found that it was actually very straightforward and easy to use. Below you can see a picture comparing the two control systems. On the left is my original analog controller, which worked well but looked awful. On the right, you can see my new improved control system with a sleek user-friendly design. Now I am able to control the fans anywhere in my house with my tablet, and I can also see the exact temperature inside my entertainment center at any given time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.00.02 PM

Unfortunately, my roommate’s TV was recently stolen from our living room midday while he was sleeping… and right after I bought Dark Souls 3 too. So now I am going to have to find another Data Dashboard project (I’m leaning towards some sort of home security system).

If you have any questions or suggestions for a project I could make that would use the Data Dashboard please leave a comment below! And make sure to check out the Data Dashboard for yourself and all of your LabVIEW powered projects!


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