Custom Application Using Six OpenScopes!

On October 20th, a member of the Digilent Forum posted a screenshot from WaveForms Live, showing 6 Oscilloscope channels with two displaying signals. As it turns out, this user and their team is working on a project for monitoring signal of power equipment in real time, and SD card data-logging using 6 OpenScope MZs. Yeah, that’s right, they got 6 of those puppies working together!

The post author replied, stating that the team developed everything in Python with the 6 OpenScopes connected to a BeagleBone via power hub. Go check out the post here for a little more insight into their design. The author also shares that the team will be writing up a more detailed article about their project, to be posted on their website in the next month or so. So stay tuned for more development on this awesome example of the flexibility of the OpenScope MZ and WaveForms Live.

Viva la open source!


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