Curious Uses for the Analog Discovery 2

In the past we have covered the Analog Discovery 2 fairly thoroughly as a useful tool for anyone in engineering or technology fields. Recently, there has been a rise in different communities adopting similar tools (i.e. standalone oscilloscopes) for unique projects and end uses. One such community is one comprised of technology savvy DJs and musicians have begun using standalone oscilloscopes to visualize sound waves. These projects are easy to find on Instagram when browsing the #oscilloscope hashtag, and regularly feature videos exhibiting intricate final project outcomes. While using a standalone oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer is a cool way to visualize music or audio related projects, it surprised me how many people neglected the Analog Discovery 2 as a portable alternative.

While using old school instrumentation in audio projects has become more common, SparkFun recently uncovered new audio related uses for the Analog Discovery 2 in their introductory video. One project in particular showcased the Analog Discovery 2’s spectrum analyzer tool by connecting the channel 1 scope to an iPod headphone jack. This connection and the use of WaveForms 2015, a free MAC, Linux and Windows compatible software, helped the user visualize output frequencies with greater portability than traditional spectrum analyzer equipment.

Watching this video clip illustrates how easy hooking up the Analog Discovery 2 to visualize music can be, and provides a great starting point for those interested in updating their bulky, old school instrumentation.

Another more advanced project shared by an audio enthusiast reviews how the Analog Discovery 2 can be used in creating a homemade audio test bench. Although an unfortunate sequence of events has caused an early conclusion to this series, viewers can still watch the first four videos for advanced project inspiration. The engineer begins his series with an idea to use the Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle as the foundation for building a “reasonably priced audio bench”.

However, tragedy struck when the website for the additional software (used alongside WaveForms 2015) ceased to exist online, creating a problem where downloading the .exe file is no longer possible. Reviewing what was completed in this project may however help future engineers (especially those who appreciate a challenge) imagine future uses for the Analog Discovery 2 in audio projects.

Whether you’re a professional looking for new ways to use your device, or a student just starting out, using the Analog Discovery 2 and the free WaveForms software may be a great way to downsize your audio equipment costs (and weight!). Share how you imagine using this portable alternative to your audio equipment in the comments below or let us know what you would like to see.

Stay tuned for future blogs covering the curious uses of the Analog Discovery 2 as we explore new communities and project opportunities!

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