Build a Robot with Household items: For Cheap Robots Series

This is Jay.
This is Jay.
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This is Jay creating.

Jay is all about building robots “on the cheap,” using simple materials that you can find around your house.  Cardboard, beverage caps, whatever- if it’s laying around and not needed, it’s fair game for becoming the next robot part for one of Jay’s creations.


Jay’s current project uses a Snapple cap.

Instagram Jay
Can you spot that Snapple cap in this picture from our Instagram page?

You see, Jay sits near me at the Digilent Office.  I am constantly intrigued by what he is up to, and am often posting pictures of what he, and the other interns, are creating on our Instagram and Twitter pages.

Instagram pic 2
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Jay is so good at coming up with ideas that he has a series called For Cheap Robots, and he is frequently featured on Instructables.

Logo from





Motor controllers, wheels, chassis, and arms; Jay has a myriad of solutions for any DIY’er that’s a little light in the wallet for creating something new.


But in order to put all these parts to good use, any robot (even cheap ones!) needs a brain. If you don’t have a development board yet, but are interested in building your own robot, check our our robotics page at the Digilent Store:

F - line following robot
Robots are a fun and creative way to explore electronics!

Our Digilent robotic platforms include a board and the basics to get you started.

Line following robots
Line-following robots cruising about.

Digilent’s robotic platforms are open source, so you can use some of Jay’s ideas to add features to your robot!  If 3D printing interests you, we also have a host of part available on Repables.

To see more posts about Digilent’s line of robotic platforms and our open source parts, here are some links for you to enjoy and share!

Building the Jousting Robots

Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a more real-time look at what’s happening #arounddigilent!  If you make a robot, I’d love to share it!  So, tweet or “@digilentinc” on one of our social media sites anytime.  I love seeing what you can create!




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