Bop-It with a Twist…and an FPGA

Bop it! Twist it! Contort the device in some other improbable way! This project by  provides directions for how to make your own Bop-It with an FPGA. Though this particular Instructable uses the Nexys 2, you could also use one of the more recent Nexys models (like the Nexys 4 or Nexys 4 DDR).

Nexys 4.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need an FPGA (one of the Nexys line ones will work best). Additionally, you’ll need three resistors, three SPDT switches without rollers, a breadboard, some wires, and tape. You’ll also need to use the Xilinx Webpack 14.5 and Digilent Adept.

Make sure you get everything together. After having done that, set up the buttons. Then, construct the game’s finite state machine. Run the software and get ready to play!


If you love this classic game, get your hands on a Nexys board and let us know your favorite part of this game.


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