Blinking the LEDs on a Zedboard Using Bluespec and Connectal

Yesterday, we posted ‘ project about loading Linux on a ZedBoard without U-Boot. Today, we have yet another ZedBoard-related Instructable for you. This tutorial shows how to compile and run a Connectal project on your ZedBoard to blink its LEDs.

To do this project, you need a ZedBoard, an SD card containing a Zynq-Boot image (as described in How to boot Linux on a Zedboard without U-Boot), a Github account (since Connectal Build pulls source code from Github), and Python and curl on a Linux machine or Mac.

Boot the Zedboard from the SD card, and use a shell session to determine its IP address. Secondly, create your own repository on Github. Then add a ZedBoard project on Connectal Build. Edit testleds.cpp. Watch the build happen and use your script to run the application. Then your LEDs should be blinking away!

This is a great tutorial to further your understanding of working with the ZedBoard and with Linux. Do you have any other projects that work well on the ZedBoard?


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