Behind You! Anti Creeper Alert

Have you ever been listening to music with your headphones and been scared half to death by someone coming up behind you? Well if you’d like to live a life without fear, consider the Behind You! Anti Creeper Alert System project!  Check out the video below for more information and also take a look at my Instructable.

This project utilizes LabVIEW, LabVIEW MakerHub LINX, the chipKIT WF32, the PmodMAXSONAR, the PmodHB5, and a motor to let you listen to music without having to worry about someone sneaking up on you.


The chipKIT WF32 is connected to LabVIEW via WiFi and receives power from four AA batteries. The WF32 uses the PmodMAXSONAR to read the distance between the back of your chair and objects behind you.  When something gets within two feet, the chipKIT WF32 will send PWM value of 100% to the PmodHB5 which will turn on the motor to full power.  The flag elegantly attached to the motor then spins and taps you on your shoulder or arm.  Once the person is no longer within two feet from you, the motor will turn back off and you can continue to listen to your music in peace.  Check out the LabVIEW block diagram below to see how I wrote the code!


Try using this project and the PmodMAXSONAR VIs to inspire your own project! Halloween is coming up and the PmodMAXSONAR is the perfect Pmod to scare some trick-or-treaters that get too close to your spooky ghoul.


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