Analog Discovery 2 Quick-Start: A New Video Series

Analog Discovery 2 Unboxing

Hey everybody! We have some great news for all of our Analog Discovery users! Those of you who have been using the Analog Discovery for a quite a while may remember the Analog Discovery Quick-Start Series on our YouTube Channel. This series features Tim Hanshaw walking through how to use the Analog Discovery and its associated WaveForms software. Well, we have been working hard to create a similar series for the Analog Discovery 2 (AD2)!

The Analog Discovery 2 Quick-Start Series offers an introduction to the AD2 and WaveForms 2015. The first four videos of this series have already been published on our YouTube channel. The first video kicks off the series by opening the AD2 box and downloading the free WaveForms 2015 software. Then Kaitlyn Franz walks through how to install WaveForms on Windows, Mac, and Linux in the next three videos respectively.

We have more videos planned for this series, including one on the Device Manager which includes detailed instructions about how to calibrate your AD2. Videos which introduce each of the available tools in WaveFroms 2015 will be published throughout this summer, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel to stay informed.

These videos are a great place for first time users to get oriented. If you are new to the Analog Discovery family or just looking to brush up on the newest software, check out this exciting new series available on Digilent’s YouTube channel.


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