An Extensive Review of the OpenScope MZ Design

We talk a lot about making the OpenScope MZ as open source as possible, and the resources that are available. If you forgot, you can find information about the design and schematics on the Digilent Wiki, and source code for WaveForms Live on the Digilent Github. We’ve started seeing some ideas for contributions to WaveForms Live as well as discussion on the hardware design, and hope to see much more. A new video published on the Digilent YouTube channel we hope will inject some inspiration into those conversations.

Keith Vogel and John Day, Lead Engineers on the OpenScope MZ presented a Masterclass at the 2017 Microchip MASTERs Conference. Microchip filmed it for us and we’re able to post it on the Digilent YouTube to share. The class is designed to be a detailed design review of the OpenScope MZ. It goes through the hardware and the firmware, design considerations, design decisions that had to be made, and has a ton of great content to learn from.

The design of the OpenScope MZ was a huge engineering undertaking, so the class is 4 hours long, but if you have a topic you’d like to learn about, you can skip to it using the table of contents below the video. Here are all the topics covered:

0:01:52 Introduction to the presenters
0:03:52 Objectives and agenda for the class
0:07:25 OpenScope Features
0:09:28 MCU Based LC Tank Demo
0:32:02 Technical difficulties and questions
0:34:42 Major components in the OpenScope Design/ Hardware block diagram
0:39:00 Resource Allocation on the PIC32MZ
0:44:07 DC Outputs
1:00:14 Precision Analysis
1:12:15 Analog Inputs
1:29:34 break and questions
1:41:38 DMA Usage
1:53:36 ADC Interleaving
2:02:56 Logic Analyzer
2:07:16 Scope Triggering
2:29:08 Analog Waveform Generator
2:45:27 Priority and Stalling Consequences
3:02:22 OpenScope Text Based Protocol
3:05:02 Terminal/Json/Command Demo
3:19:45 OpenScope HTTP Server and Network Stack
3:20:36 Connectivity, WiFi, Hotspots, and Isolation
3:23:26 Is the OpenScope Open source?

You can view the whole class below:

For more information about the OpenScope, check out it’s resource center or store page.

More information on the Microchip MASTERs conference, can be found here.


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