WaveForms Update: WaveForms 3.12.2

WaveForms is the software interface that controls the Analog Discovery 2, the Digital Discovery, and the Analog Discovery Studio, providing access to all of the bench-top tools. We posted an updated version of WaveForms, version 3.12.2, which is available for download on the Digilent Wiki. This new version of WaveForms includes new exciting 3D views, new protocol interpreters, new cursors, setting improvements, critical Mac OS updates, and more!

You can view the entire change log on the WaveForms Download page, but here is a summary of the biggest changes.

Major improvements to the Oscilloscope!

3D views have been added to the Oscilloscope so you can see an XYZ plot, and a 3D spectrogram surface. These changes have been made for 64-bit Windows.

Noise removal has been made easier by the addition of  Lock-In amplifier to the available math channels you can add to the Oscilloscope.

The zero offset can now be set or reset to apply the average level of the last acquisition as zero-level compensation for the selected channels.

Measurements in the measurement pane can now have the precision set manually in addition to having WaveForms automatically select it.

Additional math operations have been added to the simple math channel including ATan and RMS.

Additional settings in the Waveform Generator:

There is now a period setting in addition to the frequency setting.

New interpreters in the Logic Analyzer:

There is now an additional SPI interpreter that includes both MISO and MOSI.

An HDMI CEC interpreter has been added to the Logic Analyzer.

The clock edge in the bus interpreter can now be set to “Either” falling or rising and a delay can be set.

In addition to the sample rate limits of 800MS/s, 400MS/s, and 200MS/s, there is now a fourth option to limit the sample rate to 100MS/s.

A new option in the pattern generator:

IN the signal and BUS pattern outputs you can now add a delay to the signals.

Additional units in the spectrum Analyzer:

Including dBm, dBmHz, dBmMHz, V/vHz, dBm, dBm/vHz, and dBm/vMHz.

An additional use case for the Impedance Analyzer and Network Analyzer.

You can now set Stop equal to Start which means that a single frequency can be analyzed.

New protocols available in the Protocol Analyzer!

A big addition has been made to the Protocol Analyzer: an AVR programmer with Flash, EEPROM, Fuse, Lock, and Calibration.

The formats in the UART interpreter now include text, binary, decimal and hexadecimal.

UART SPY mode can now be used on two channels.

The UART data display can now be set to wrap text, and a limit is available for the number of lines.

More flexible use in the script editor.

The script editor can be called from another application or the terminal via:  -script myscript.txt/js -runscript

There is now an optional include and multiple files can be used in the same script.

There are additional options to open or save to a text file as well as a JavaScript file.

Additional system information in the power supplies:

There is now a system monitor on both Analog Discovery’s, the Analog Discovery Studio, and the Digital Discovery for the USB voltage and current as well as Auxiliary power, Voltage, Current, and device temperature.

There is now a fine adjustment available for the system frequency.

We also made some additions to the general WaveForms options for a better overall experience.

The work space list is now the same in each application when multiple applications are running.

The direction the scroll wheel moves in order to zoom in or out can now be configured as well as where it is active. The application and script fonts can also be changed.

There is now dark theme support for the scripting and coding interfaces.

Windows can now be exported as an image in the EPS format.

You can now import data from file option for the Spectrum, Network, and Impedance Analyzer.

There are now horizontal cursors for the Oscilloscope FFT view, Spectrum Analyzer, and Impedance Analyzer.

The Scope and Logic Analyzer now remembers the last setting for Show Attenuation, Acquire Noise, Multiple Scale and shows it as the default option.

Several bugs reported via email and the forum were fixed, including:

  • Fixing the Pattern Generator preview
  • Making sure that the Record timestamp and tip hides in the Logic Analyzer and Scope so that it does not block a single signal
  • The Windows installer default is now to reboot later
  • The MacOS USB library was updated, which is required by some MacBooks with latest OS version

If you have any comments, feedback or questions on WaveForms, they are always welcome on the Digilent Forum.


8 Comments on “WaveForms Update: WaveForms 3.12.2”

  1. I’m confused. The version on the download page still says it is from December 2019. Is there a new version or not? Is someone updating versions without incrementing the version number? I like to be able to keep track of which version I’m using, but if there are multiple versions with the same number, I get lost.

  2. Hello,

    Does this new version also support the original Analog Discovery? I have lots of those, so I’m hoping for good news.

    Thank you for reading.

      1. That’s fantastic. Thank you!

        I asked only because of the ‘.. that controls the Analog Discovery 2, the Digital Discovery, and the Analog Discovery Studio, providing…’ statement at the beginning of the announcement.

        Thanks again.

  3. Hi, could it be that the 3D views are not available on Linux? I just don’t have them in the views section.
    Tried this version and the newest (3.17.1).

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