Waveforms Tools with the AD2 and EEBoard: The Voltmeter

Some of you have been with us for a while, and may recall that the original Analog Discovery had a Voltmeter tool available.

The Voltmeter in WaveForms Legacy.

With the development of the Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForms 2015, that tool was dropped in favor of other capabilities. But worry no more! The newest version of WaveForms includes that capability once again!

Click the button to open the tool.

The Voltmeter tool is the simplest to use in the WaveForms 2015 suite. No frills, no settings, just simply attach the channels shared with the Oscilloscope tool and you’re done.

Connect channel 1 or 2 (shared with the Oscilloscope) and click “Run.” That’s it!

For more information about the voltmeter or any other WaveForms 2015 tools check out the tutorials section on the resource center. 


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