WaveForms Tools with the AD2 and EEBoard: Static I/O

Digital Static Input/Output ports are one of those things that you don’t realize how handy they are until you don’t have them. With the Analog Discovery 2 you can utilize up to 16 I/O pins, and with the Electronics Explorer Board you get a whopping 32.

The Electronics Explorer Board has 32 Static I/O pins.
The Electronics Explorer Board has 32 Static I/O pins.

So what’s the big deal? Static I/O can be used as indicators, triggers, switches… the list goes on. Connect the pin anywhere in your circuit to add or sense a signal at that exact point in real time. Control motors and lights or see if a MOSFET has been triggered correctly. The Waveforms 2015 Static I/O tool is simple and easy to use and dead useful.


For a more in depth look at the Static I/O tool, check out my Instructable.

All you need is to get started is:

Analog Discovery 2*

-A computer with USB port to run the software

*You may also use the original Analog Discovery or the Electronics Explorer Board with Waveforms 2015. There are some slight differences in functionality between the AD1, AD2, and EEBoard, but nothing that will prevent you from following along if you have one of the other tools.


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