Turbo: Orgins

If you have spent time in the Digilent store, or receive our newsletter you might be familiar with a cheerful little robot known as Turbo!

What you may not be as familiar with is the little robot’s origins.This iconic Digilent mascot has been the face for countless sales and promotions, however today we will take a little peek behind where exactly that face came from.

In the words of Turbo’s creator, Norm:

We wanted a sort of mascot for the MakerSpace. I started by adapting a cute drawing Larissa had done of a robot with a tv-style head, sitting on the ground. I ended up doing something that felt (I thought) more like 60’s ad-art, very 2D. Something from Rocky & Bullwinkle. Plus, I wanted something that might look good in motion, so I gave him 2 little wheels for feet. That’s what I was thinking, anyway. Really I just wanted to make something that Larissa would think was cute!

So there you have it, the brief biography of our marvelous mascot! Check out some additional versions of Turbo below:



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