Throwback Thursday: Children on Old Computers

In the rapidly changing world of technology, the giant computers of yore are particularly befuddling to the younger generations who weren’t around concurrently with those computers. Children were shown computers from the 1970s and reacted to them.

Imagining a world without internet and having to program every operation leaves most children aghast. Floppy disks leave them astounded, and having to use a desk keeps them astonished.


What was your first experience with computers? What tech predates you and leaves you befuddled?

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One Comment on “Throwback Thursday: Children on Old Computers”

  1. So funny!
    “Now it’s only good for a footstool”

    My first experience with computers that I remember was my parents computer that was running Windows 95.

    So that computer that they showed definitely predates me, although I think I would figure out how to run it…until I got to the start screen. I remember floppy disks and CDs being a little annoying when I saved a document onto them, but then couldn’t ever change the contents that were on the disk.

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