The Trenz TE0802 is Now Available on Our Website!

Designed and manufactured by our partner, Trenz Electronic, the TE0802 is a development board integrating a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+. The board features a variety of connectivity interfaces including DisplayPort, VGA, USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet RJ45. Onboard I/O, such as push buttons, slide switches, a seven-segment LED display, and 12-pin Pmod connectors make this development board a versatile option for cost-optimized applications with Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+.

The Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC  provides 64-bit processor scalability while combining real-time control with soft and hard engines. Combined with the interfaces available on the TE0802, this board is a great option for industrial motor control, sensor fusion, IoT, or any application needing real-time I/O, and for embedded developers familiar with Art Cortex-R/A53 processors who are looking for cost optimized solutions.

And, for a limited time, it’s available for $249 (reg. price of $399).

Key Features of the Trenz 0802

MPSoC:  XCZU2CG – Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

  • Package: 1SBVA484E
  • Temperature Grade: Extended (0 to +100 °C)


  • SDRAM: LPDDR4 8Gb 256Mx16x 2
  • SPI Flash 256Mb (32M x 8) 133 MHz
  • EEPROMs 2Kb (256 x 8)


  • Two 12-pin Pmod Connectors
  • 1GB Ethernet RJ45
  • USB 3.0 Host (Type A Connector)
  • microSD Card
  • 2 SSD PCIe
  • 5 mm Earphone Jack (PWM Output)
  • Display Port
  • VGA
  • 4 Digit 7-Segment LED Display
  • 8 LEDs
  • 5 User Buttons
  • 8 Bit Slide Switches
  • Reset Button


  • 5 V +/- 10%
  • ~3.5 W
  • 3A recommended for board startup
  • 1mm inner diameter/5.5mm outer diameter barrel jack plug

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm

For additional resources, check out the Technical Reference Manual or the TE0802 Reference Designs.


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