Software Update: WaveForms 3.6.8

WaveForms 2015 is the user interface that controls the Analog Discovery 2, Digital Discovery,  and Electronics Explorer Board, and gives access to all of their bench-top functionality. We have just posted a new version of WaveForms 2015, version 3.6.8 available for download on the wiki. WaveForms 2015 3.6.8 makes some bug fixes, adds new functionality to existing tools, and adds a new tool all together! If you want to know what version you have, check out this post.

Improved Oscilloscope Functionality 

  • You can now filter your signals with a filter channel! Along with being able to manipulate signals with Math Channels, filters can be applied to captured data on the Oscilloscope tool.

You can choose between a Butterworth and Chebyshev Filter, and set it to Low pass, High pass, Bandpass, Bandstop filter, and choose the filter order. You can also define a custom filter based on the coefficients.

  • In previous versions of WaveForms, signals in the Oscilloscope could be triggered on a positive pulse or a negative pulse. In this new version signals can also be triggered by either.

  • A similar change was made to triggering on an edge. Now signals can be triggered on a rising edge, falling edge, or either.

  • Two more additions include adding averaging and oversampling settings.

  • In the WaveForms Software Development kit a function was added to read raw 16 bit signed integer data to reduce data storage requirements.

Upgrades to the Waveform Generator

  • In simple and basic mode in the Waveform Generator, the Waveform Generator can now send a pulse signal.
The pulse option in the WaveForm Generator.
  • The Idle output was changed from initial value to offset level.

New Features in the Protocol Analyzer

  • UART RX performance was improved by removing coloring, and adding the option of receiving directly to a file.

  • The I2C analyzer is now compliant to I2C clock stretching for each bit.

  • The command and data entry fields now add the recently entered values to the history dropdown.

  • The Spy tab was added to the I2C and SPI analyzers to allow you to intercept communication.

A Few Improvements to the Data Logger

  • The Data Logger now has single scan that will run until the specified history is filled.

  • A quick measurement tool was added. Measurements can now be taken between two points on the plot.

  • Cursors were added to allow measurements between two points locked onto the displayed data.

A Few New Settings on the Voltmeter

  • You’ll find one visual change when you open the voltmeter tool, a new gear menu. In that menu are added settings for the update rate, which will affect the RMS frequency range, and settings to adjust the offset and range for better resolution.
The new Voltmeter window.

More Options On The Logic Analyzer

  • Another mode was added to the Logic Analyzer. In Sync mode data can be synchronized by an external clock and enable signal. This reduces the memory requirement by storing only the relevant samples.

External Trigger Edge Option with Either Edge

  • In all instruments an external trigger is available use. This trigger now has the option of triggering on the rising edging, falling edge, or either edge.

New Tool! The Impedance Analyzer

  • An entirely new tool was added to WaveForms, the Impedance Analyzer. The Impedance Analyzer can be used to analyze both Capacitive and inductive elements. It uses the Waveform Generator and Oscilloscope channels and a reference resistor. To use the tool, the user will need to build one of the following circuits.

Depending on the circuit some of the settings in the Window will have to be changed. This tool can be used in Analyzer Mode as shown below.

Or it can be used in simple meter mode as shown below.

Bug fixes

  • As with every update this update contains some small bug fixes.

For more information on this update or to download the latest version of WaveForms 2015 go to the downloads page on the Wiki. If you have any technical questions about the functionality of this update never hesitate to post on the Digilent Forum!


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8 Comments on “Software Update: WaveForms 3.6.8”

  1. nice post . It uses the Waveform Generator and Oscilloscope channels and a reference resistor. To use the tool, the user will need to build one of the following circuits.

  2. For impedance, it is really useful (necessary) to have “Open, Short, Load” calibration routine.

    Very helpful as well to have “group delay” in the impedance measurement, as this allows one to calculate the “Q” of a circuit, filter, etc.

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