Schematic Capture at NI Week

Multisim is a circuit simulation tool that is traditionally used to simulate analog circuits. While this is incredibly useful, we were delighted to discovery that Multisim has been known to also be useful on the digital side.

A digital design using schematic capture with Multisim.

We were all heartbroken when we found that schematic capture was not going to be supported in Xilinx Vivado. Well dry your tears and ungrind your gears, for Multisim has solved that problem!

On specific Digilent Boards, you can now use Multisim to program with schematic capture. This means that you can take full advantage of specific Xilinx FPGAs without writing a single line of code. Currently Multisim works with the Vivado-compatible Basys 3, Arty, and Cmod A7. It also works with most ISE compatible boards.

Here you can see some of the Digilent Boards Available to use in Multisim.

All you have to do, after (downloading and installing Multisim and required files) is drag and drop the block diagram you want to be implemented on the FPGA.

Adding an AND gate with two inputs to the block diagram.

At NI Week 2017 we showed off this capablitity with a demo of Multisim working with the Basys 3!

To learn more about how to use Multisim with Digilent FPGA boards, check out this tutorial.


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