Real Analog Means Real Accessibility

In the last few years, the cost of being a student has only increased, especially for engineering majors. It is getting more and more expensive to obtain a technical education. In addition to student costs rising, so is the industry demand for hands-on experience. This places professors and students in a tough situation- one where studies have proven that hands-on experience in labs and with hardware is invaluable, yet it also places a burden on the student to either spend extra time in the designated (and often packed) labs, or obtain conventionally expensive equipment for home use.

At Digilent, we are working to combat this dilemma by producing affordable yet powerful home-use equipment, and by making our educational materials as affordable and accessible as possible. One example is our Real Analog course which has always been available on our wiki for free. However, it was brought to our attention that the lack of a hard copy textbook was limiting the material from being used in classrooms and by students alike.

The Analog Discovery 2 in home use.

So we created the Real Analog textbook!

In alignment with our goal of making education as affordable and accessible as possible, we are selling the book on Amazon for only 50 cents more than it costs to print.

So if a physical textbook is of interest to you for your learning or classroom, make sure to head over to Amazon and pick up your hard copy today!

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