“Pro Makers”: Creating a Business from Low Cost FPGAs

 The emergence of crowd source funding and low-cost FPGAs has created a subset in the maker crowd, says Mark Jensen, Corporate Software Strategy and Marketing Director at Xilinx. They call themselves “Pro makers”.
2015-09-03 12.23.45
Low-cost FPGA development boards with big-time potential.
This highly skilled section of the maker movement have began to build programmable creations from automated robotics to specialized drones, like this one from ONAGOfly.
ONAGOfly drone from ad
These new creations are often times the heart-throb of crowd funding groups, and eventually become full-fledged, marketable products. 
2015-12-14 12.26.35
Many of these pro makers see the rise of easier to use, low-cost products, like the new $99 Arty, as a means to a simpler and lucrative end.  
Add the increasing availability of 3D printers, senors like Pmods, and you have the ideal recipe for inexpensive prototypes with a bevvy of programmable possibilities!  
2015-05-27 09.27.11
Pro makers (and makers alike) are migrating to FPGA for their flexibility.

In the article, Ray Hsu, from our parent company, National Instruments, adds:

 “Some of these projects use really complex non-linear control algorithms, so the developers have to use FPGAs to get the performance they need.”

Read the full article from sleibso, at the Xilinx Xcell Daily Blog.
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Maker Faire - Breadboard Wall is a hit
Our breadboard wall at last year’s MakerFaire. Inspiring engineers & makers and pro makers, one circuit at a time!
Happy making!


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