OpenScope MZ- Now at Digi-Key!

A few months ago, we released a Kickstarter to see what the world would think about an innovative new product: An open sourced, electronics instrumentation tool called the OpenScope MZ. The reception was phenomenal, within the first day, we hit our funding goal. Within the next week, we had secured over 600 pre-orders. The electronics world had spoken, they wanted an open sourced portable benchtop tool… and Digilent would supply one!

For the past several weeks we have been working through our website to ship out Kickstarter orders and today, we are excited to announce that the OpenScope MZ is now officially available at Digi-Key (and anyone can order it)!This portable, open source, multi-function programmable instrument an be used for capturing, visualizing, and controlling analog and digital signals, that works with your smartphone or computer over USB or WiFi. It can also be used in standalone mode as a development board around the Microchip PIC32MZ2048EF processor.

If you are new to the OpenScope MZ, learn more by perusing the key features and specifications outlined below!

OpenScope MZ Hardware Specifications and Key Features:

  • MCU – Microchip PIC32 MZ (MZ2048EFG124) – 200 MHz with 2048KB flash, 512 KB RAM
  • External Storage – micro SD slot
  • Wireless Connectivity – WiFi module
  • USB – 1x micro USB for power and programming over FTDI
  • Programming / Debugging – micro USB port, programming header
  • Expansion – 30-pin Fly Wire connector with:
    • 2x scope channels with 12 bits @ 2 MHz bandwidth and up to 6.25MS/s sampling rate
    • 1x function generator output with 1 MHz bandwidth and up to 10MS/s update rate
    • 10x user programmable DIO pins up to 25 MHz update rate
  • Misc – 4x user LEDs, programming and reset buttons
  • Power Supply – via micro USB or ext pin; programmable power supplies up to 50 mA and +/- 4V

This product comes with a free Applications Software called Waveforms Live, which can run either in a browser, or have native installers for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. Waveforms Live is built on common web frame works and developer APIs are provided for those who wish to modify the UI.

The OpenScope MZ hardware + Waveforms Live means you can turn your computer into the following instruments: Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Supply and Data Logger. All of these tools can be run over Wi-Fi from the OpenScope MZ to your computer—giving immense flexibility for debugging.

Remote debugging with the OpenScope MZ on an inductive-metal detector that will be used at the Microchip Masters 2017.

So go and take a look at the OpenScope MZ! There are a series of tutorials and getting started videos, and you can even test drive the software itself at .

We’re hoping that the OpenScope MZ will make it’s home in your electronics tool kit! Head over to Digi-Key to purchase yours today!

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