Learning Verilog on FPGA

At Digilent, we love FPGAs and FPGA design. This is why I was so excited to find this Instructable by  that provides a starter for Verilog.

To use this tutorial, the author recommends being familiar with basic logic circuits and logic equations. In general, basic circuitry. Knowing C and C++ is also helpful. You need some kind of IDE for Verilog and an FPGA board.

A dependable FPGA…

Covering topics from the background of Verilog to what it is, this tutorial also delves into its components. It also provides a look at some helpful hints about commenting and a more specific look at logic design with FPGAs in Verilog.

This tutorial is a fairly comprehensive beginning look at FPGA design and Verilog. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking for more information down now that you have the basics of electronics and logic operations down.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog. This blog provides information about learning verilog on fpga. This information will be useful to many professionals who want to know about Verilog.

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