Introducing the Transistor Tester Adapter and Curve Tracer Instrument

In our last WaveForms update (3.16.3) we introduced the usual plethora of new settings features and bug fixes, but we also added an entirely new instrument, the Curve Tracer Instrument.

The Curve Tracer Instrument allows you to easily trace and measure the characteristic curves of common discrete components including transistors, diodes using WaveForms compatible devices with two differential or four single ended analog inputs and two analog outputs, by setting up a reference circuit.

Gone are the days of waiting for the old Tek 575 curve tracers to warm up and attempting to take a photo lining up the curve with the grid on the screen.

The fact that I remember what this thing is called 8 years later says a lot.

If you have an Analog Discovery 2 and want an even easier experience, the brand new Transistor Tester Adapter has built in relays, so you simply need to plug the device into the terminal block on the adapter and trace.

Once the plotted cursors and reference channels can be used to take measurements and the images and data can be exported for sharing or incorporation into lab reports. To learn more about the Curve Tracer instrument or Transistor Tester Adapter, check out the resource center.



3 Comments on “Introducing the Transistor Tester Adapter and Curve Tracer Instrument”

  1. Good Day,

    it is nice to see this new product.

    Let’s simply say that the mentioned “thing”, the Tektronix 575 curve tracer is a legend of its own in the electronics industry because of its versatility and excellent performance. I want to mention that this was introduced back in 1957 (!). And the 575 can test up to 200 V peak with 1 A current curves and up to 20 V minimum peak with 20 A current. See

    I truly like the product idea of the new adapter and I am sure it will sell well. Can I just suggest that you shall treat the design and craftmanship of older test equipment more respectfully.



    1. The Tektronix Curve Tracers 577 and 576 are transistor and IC and made in 1980s…1990s. They succeed the 575.

      Many thousands of them are still in-service and are easily repaired.

      With the test fixtures they’re capable of curve tracing every type of 2 or three electrode device tubes, transistors FET, SCR, etc.

      The 576 peak voltage is 1500V and power 230W, the current is 100 A peak with pulsed fixtures.

      Used by Power electronics manufacturers, labs and designers .

      Best Regards


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