Introducing the Analog Discovery Canvas

Portable Prototyping

If you’re a student enrolled in a course that asks you to use an Analog Discovery 2 to continue projects at home, then this scenario hits home:

You spend the evening working on the project, and bring it into the lab the next day. The class is outfitted with Analog Discovery Studios, which have breadboards that you’ll need to transfer to. Completing the project was a breeze, but transferring to the breadboard means you’ll have to disassemble and reassemble your project, which introduces potential error, and time spent with unnecessary debugging instead of learning.

To address this problem, we’re introducing the Analog Discovery Canvas. This Canvas allows the testing of designs of either the Analog Discovery 2 or the Analog Discovery Studio without having to rewire the entire circuit or recreate the test setup. You would simply have to remove a single cable and reconnect it to the other device.

To learn more about this new Canvas, click here.

Top view of Canvas


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