I Have WaveForms 2015, Do I Need to Update?

Most WaveForms users know that there are two main versions of WaveForms, WaveForms Legacy, and WaveForms 2015, the newest release. What you may not know, is that we have released a bunch more updates to WaveForms 2015!

We monitor the questions and suggestions that we find on the Forum, and periodically release updates based on customer feedback. Sometimes they are minor bug fixes, and sometimes they are new features, like when we added the protocol analyzer. You definitely want to make sure you have the most recent version, and if you aren’t sure what version you have, follow along and I’ll show you how to find out.

First find out what version you have. Go to the Help menu, and click on About.

The About window that generates tells you a little bit about your software. On the bottom of the window you’ll find the version you have. The number in parenthesis is what you want to take note of.

Next you’ll want to find out if the version you have is the most recent. Go to the Help menu and click on Check for Update.

This will take you to the WaveForms 2015 Wiki page. The table on the right contains the latest downloads. Check your version number against the number on the table header to see if they match you have the latest version! If not select the correct download for you operating system and install!

The latest version is specified in the info box on the right. Look at the second row header titled, “Latest Downloads”.

For more information about any of the devices you can use with WaveForms 2015, check out the Instrumentation Wiki page!


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3 Comments on “I Have WaveForms 2015, Do I Need to Update?”

  1. It would be nice if the Wiki would give the date of the latest available download, and if you would do a short blog post every time the version changes—that way I’d be able to tell if I needed an update without having to start up Waveforms 2015 (which isn’t installed on every computer I use, some of which are too old to support it).

    1. I think we can definitely put a date on the Wiki pages for new versions as they are released. I can’t speak towards the blog end of things, but I imagine that is also very doable. I’ll get started on the Wiki side of things.

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