Get Verified as a Lab Manager and Recieve Academic Pricing Plus Free Shipping.

You may have seen the news in our August newsletter, but we are excited to announce we have created a new category in our academic verification program, specifically for lab managers!

Qualifying for academic verification means you will receive academic pricing, along with free shipping! In addition, we are starting a Lab Manager Quarterly Newsletter dedicated to ideas, strategies, and solutions for tackling the unique challenges of running a student lab on campus. This is also where we will announce any future programs that may only be available to lab managers.

If you are interested in applying, make sure to follow this link and the instructions below:

Once clicking the link you should arrive on a page that looks like this:

Don’t worry if the page takes a few minutes to load, it will get there!

When you get to the form, input your information. Make sure for the email section you put your work email/ the one associated with your institution.

Once you enter your information and it is received you will see this message:

And that is all you need to do to apply!

To sign up for the Lab Manager Quarterly newsletter, just follow this link and it will direct you to this similar-looking form:

Just input your information and you are good to go!


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