Get The Most Out of Your Lab Space With New Research

We had a incredible time at this years ASEE conference and we were very excited and impressed by some of the papers debuted there. Today we are highlighting some of the studies that might be most relevant to lab managers, especially when working with limited lab space.

Make the most out of limited lab space

Recent studies show that it is possible to decrease the necessary size of lab space without sacrificing productivity of student learning. A 2019 ASEE paper indicates that professors can hold half as many lab sections without a decrease in student learning, which means more free lab space. Find out more (and how) here.

Multiple courses, same tool

Cut down on student purchases and increase student engagement by using the Analog Discovery 2 across multiple courses- and through all four years. This paper also details how to use hands on demonstrations with the device get to most out of your students time and purchase.

Test and measurement: In-hand and on the go

In a recent study of an online digital logic course the Analog Discovery 2 was used as a scope and logic analyzer. The study concluded that portable, student-owned hardware like the Analog Discovery 2 supports class performance in online course.

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