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Summer is well upon us, and while the late-night adventures, good friends, and great memories thing is swell and all, the sweltering, suffocating, laying-on-the-basement-floor all day heat is perhaps not as exciting.



Summer Expectation


Summer Reality




And while our television/Tumblr-born expectations promise the simple summer solution to overheating is just to escape to your nearest aquatically inclined vacation destination, my college student wallet regrets to inform me that even a Walmart kiddie pool is a bit out of reach.


So what are we to do?


Thanks to some truly intrepid DIY’ers, you do not need to drop four thousand dollars on a high end cooling system or a ticket to Cancun to survive this summer. In fact if you have about 10 bucks (Or for you college students, the US standard conversion is 7 McChicken’s, one month of Netflix, or 1/50th of a textbook) you can build your own air conditioner system that lasts up to six hours!


Additionally, if you intend to leave the house at any point (which is apparently at times is an important part of being an adult) you can take the cool with you with your own Ice Vest!


Now that your body temperature is within reasonable range it’s time to attend to what is likely the next more important part of your life, your laptop. With this incredibly simple hack, you can keep Old Faithful comfortable and streaming Netflix.


Last but not least, you can’t truly binge watch your favorite series without a nice cool beverage to enjoy. If you happen to be part of the 95% of the population who does not prefer their liquids at lukewarm, you can quick-chill your drink in just two minutes!


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