Build a Tentacle Launchpad

What’s better than building your own Animatronic Tentacle? Building your own LUNGING Animatronic Tentacle. Whether your intent is to petrify your co-workers or profess your undying love, this is the project for you!

It looks so innocent.

Using the chipKIT uC32 and the always handy zUNO clips (along with a few other materials), you can make that aerial appendage dream come to life. min

For this project you need to build two parts. First off, assuming that you are trying to launch a tentacle an good first step is to actually have one on hand. This may require you to build a tentacle. My Instructable can be found here.

NOTE! The Instructable uses larger zip-ties than recommended for a launching tentacle. To fix this simply follow the instructions but use smaller zip-ties and don’t worry about the rubber bands.

Next, build the Launchpad. Instructable found here. The Launchpad is where the electronics will be mounted, and is conviently capable of launching much more than just squid-clipped sucker strips. It can also launch a more sensitive type of projectile, the Kamikaze Kisses!

“Kamikaze Kisses”

These guys were inspired by the impending Valentines Day, and I can assure catapulting adorable lip-resembling objects into people is a completely legitimate method of showing affection. To build these little suckers simply slit halfway across a ping pong ball and glued lip shaped foam onto the top and bottom of the “mouth”. Then use Popsicle sticks to create eye-stalks, and hot glue on googly eyes.

Other things that are fun to launch: Ping pong balls, pencils or pens, pencils or pens that do not belong to you, cat toys, catnip, glitter and love notes.

See the Launchpad in action here!


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  1. I love this! Think I will build one of these for my classmates 🙂 The mousetrap with zipties was a brilliant idea. Will let you know how it goes. Another thing Miranda; I swore I had the video on double speed, I had to check! You speak really fast!

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