ASEE Workshop: Analog Discovery 2 in Upper Level Courses

Digilent is going to ASEE 2017! This year we’ll be hosting a workshop on the Wednesday after the Exposition hall closes, entitled “Applications of the Analog Discovery Board to Upper-Level Electrical Engineering Courses: A Hands-On Workshop”

Many uses of the Analog Discovery 2 in academia focus on the lower level courses, like beginning analog circuits. The workshop at ASEE will focus on using the Analog Discovery 2 in upper level courses, to get the most out of the Analog Discovery 2.

In this workshop, Dr. Steve Holland, and Dr. Cory J. Prust from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, will take participants through hands on exercises and examples to maximize students learning. Some of these activities will show how students can explore complex concepts such as signals and systems, communication systems, digital signal processing, analog electronics, electromagnetics, and control systems. The session will end with discussion about applications of the Analog Discovery 2 within participants own upper level courses.

Each registered participant will go home with a complimentary Analog Discovery 2, Analog Parts Kits, BNC Adapter Board, and Mini Grabber Clips.

Registered participants will receive the component of the student bundle (pictured above), plus mini grabbers and a BNC Adapter.

If you are going to ASEE and are interested in Analog Discovery 2 in your upper division courses make sure to register for the workshop! The full workshop description is in the ASEE workshop listing.


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