P2150 150MHz BNC Oscilloscope Probe

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The P2150 BNC Oscilloscope Probe offers the best signal integrity and highest available bandwidth for connecting an oscilloscope to a circuit under test of the probes we offer. This probe comes with several components to ensure reliable and accurate measurements, and is the recommended probe for use with the ADP3450 and ADP3250.

  • BNC-terminated
  • Selectable 1X/10X input attenuation
  • Localization sleeve adapts to IC testing
  • Input resistance: 1MΩ/10MΩ±2%
  • Input capacitance:
    • 1X: 70pF – 120pF
    • 10X: 13pF – 17pF
  • Bandwidth: 150MHz
  • Product Compliance: 
    • HTC: 9030908911
    • ECCN: EAR99
  • One P2150 BNC oscilloscope probe
  • 1 adjustment tool: for probe compensation adjustments
  • 2 locating sleeves: to ensure stability and reliability of the tip exposed to the test point
  • 8 plastic marker rings: used for easy identification of different channels
  • 1 ground lead: use the alligator clip to attach the probe to a ground reference
  • 1 ground spring: provides shorter grounding path for better signal integrity
  • 1 contraction hook clip: use the retractable hook tip for grasping test points