Ettus USRP N210: High-bandwidth, High-dynamic Range SDR/Cognitive Radio

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The Ettus Research™ USRP™ N210 is the highest performing class of hardware of the USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) family of products, which enables engineers to rapidly design and implement powerful, flexible software radio systems. The N210 hardware is ideally suited for applications requiring high RF performance and great bandwidth. Such applications include physical layer prototyping, dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio, spectrum monitoring, record and playback, and even networked sensor deployment. The Networked Series products offers MIMO capability with high bandwidth and dynamic range. The Gigabit Ethernet interface serves as the connection between the N210 and the host computer. This enables the user to realize 50 MS/s of real-time bandwidth in the receive and transmit directions, simultaneously (full duplex).

The USRP N210 provides high-bandwidth, high-dynamic range processing capability. The USRP N210 is intended for demanding communications applications requiring this type of rapid development. The product architecture includes a Xilinx® Spartan® 3A-DSP 3400 FPGA, 100 MS/s dual ADC, 400 MS/s dual DAC and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to stream data to and from host processors. A modular design allows the USRP N210 to operate from DC to 6 GHz, while an expansion port allows multiple USRP N210 series devices to be synchronized and used in a MIMO configuration.

The USRP N210 can stream up to 50 MS/s to and from host applications. Users can implement custom functions in the FPGA fabric, or in the on-board 32-bit RISC softcore. The FPGA also offers the potential to process up to 100 MS/s in both the transmit and receive directions. The FPGA firmware can be reloaded through the Gigabit Ethernet interface.

The Networked Series MIMO connection is located on the front panel of each unit. Two Networked Series units may be connected to realize a complete 2x2 MIMO configuration using the optional MIMO cable. External PPS and reference inputs can also be used to create larger multi-channel systems. The USRP Hardware Driver™ is the official driver for all Ettus Research products. The USRP Hardware Driver supports Linux®, Mac OSX®, Windows®

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  • Modular Architecture: DC-6 GHz
  • Dual 100 MS/s, 14-bit ADC
  • Dual 400 MS/s, 16-bit DAC
  • DDC/DUC with 25 mHz Resolution
  • Up to 50 MS/s Gigabit Ethernet Streaming
  • Fully-Coherent MIMO Capability
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface to Host
  • 2 Gbps Expansion Interface
  • Spartan 3A-DSP 3400 FPGA (N210)
  • 1 MB High-Speed SRAM
  • Auxiliary Analog and Digital I/O
  • 2.5 ppm TCXO Frequency Reference
  • 0.01 ppm w/ GPSDO Option
  • Use with GNU Radio, LabVIEW™ and Simulink™
  • USRP N210
  • Power supply
  • 2 SMA bulkhead cables
  • Ethernet cable, 3 M
  • Screw kit
  • Rubber adhesive feet
  • USRP getting started guide

The hardware is conveniently accessible through the USRP Hardware Driver (UHD). UHD provides both a C/C++ and Python API that supports all USRP products and enables users to efficiently develop applications then seamlessly transition designs between platforms as requirements expand. UHD also offers cross-platform support for multiple industry standard development environments and frameworks, including RFNoC, LabVIEW, and MATLAB/Simulink. To ensure you have no restrictions on how you use UHD, it is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Do you prefer graphical programming? Try out GNU Radio, a free and open-source software development framework offering a graphical design approach.

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All product support including documentation, projects, and reference material can be accessed through Ettus resources.

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