MCC USB-QUAD08: Quadrature Encoder USB Device

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Measurement Computing Corporation (MCC) and Data Translation (DT) DAQ products are now part of the Digilent family of test and measurement solutions. MCC and DT are leading suppliers of data acquisition solutions that are easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-support.

The USB-QUAD08 quadrature encoder device provides configurable counter input channels along with timer outputs and digital I/O. Features include programmable debounce times, multiple counting modes, and triggering and pacing options.

Software support includes drivers for the most popular applications and programming languages including Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, DASYLab®, LabVIEW, MATLAB®, and Python.

OEM/Embedded Customers- please contact our sales department for volume pricing and assistance with your application.

  • Eight counter inputs (quadrature/non-quadrature mode)
    • Simultaneous input and decoding of up to eight incremental quadrature encoders
    • High-speed pulse counter for general counting applications; multiple counting modes supported
    • Configurable as single-ended or differential
    • 10 MHz, 16-, 32, 48-bit resolution, ± 12 V input range
    • Indicator LEDs show the status of each counter/encoder input
    • 16 debounce settings
  • Eight digital I/O bits
    • Configurable as input or output
    • Digital input bits accept voltage inputs up to 50VDC (42.4 Vpk)
    • Digital output bits are open collector, with clamping diodes for CEMF (counter-electromotive force) suppression
  • Internal/extrernal pacing
  • Internal software trigger and external digital trigger
  • USB-QUAD08
  • USB cable
  • Printed insert: DAQami Quick Start
  • MCC packaging assembly/foam, etc.

Prioritizing on ease of use and flexibility, MCC offers out-of-the-box software plus drivers for the most popular programming languages and applications.

For a full-featured and customizable experience, DASYLab® provides real-time analysis and control, plus the ability to create custom applications without programming. DASYLab can be purchased directly from Digilent.

For maximum customization, drivers are included for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, LabVIEW, and Python.

Custom Applications without Programming: DASYLab® - Optional

Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software

DASYLab is an optional software package that offers real-time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom applications without programming. DASYLab is ideal for users that need more functionality than DAQami provides.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 11/10/8/7.

DASYLab can purchased directly from Digilent.

Purchase DASYLab
Learn more on Digilent Reference
DASYLab Data Sheet

Programming and Driver Support - Included

MCC programming and driver support is extensive and features comprehensive libraries and example programs for the most popular applications and programming languages including Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, LabVIEW, Linux®, and Python.

Learn More About MCC Programming and Driver Support

To learn more about the complete software ecosystem, visit the MCC software page.

MCC Data Acquisition Software

Quickly find what you need to get started and reduce mean time to measure.

All product support including documentation, projects, and reference material can be accessed through MCC resources.

Digilent Forum
MCC DAQ Software
DAQ and Datalogging on Reference

Quick Links

MCC Software Quick Start
MCC USB-QUAD08 Product Manual
MCC USB-QUAD08 Series Datasheet

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    Not good

    Posted by Gautham on 31st Mar 2024

    The software stack takes approximately 1ms to fetch the data from the device. Useless for high speed applications.