MCC DT8874 Series

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The DT8874 MEASURpoint Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) devices and DT9874 MEASURpoint USB data acquisition (DAQ) systems provide simultaneous analog input and any combination of isolated temperature, resistance, and voltage measurements. These devices feature one A/D per channel and auto calibration in a rugged half rack enclosure for immediate productivity.

Choose from the following options:

  • DT8874-00T-00R-16V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 16 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-00T-00R-48V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 48 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-00T-16R-32V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 16 RTD inputs, 32 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-00T-40R-08V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 40 RTD inputs, 8 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-08T-00R-40V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 8 Thermocouple inputs, 40 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-16T-16R-16V: MEASURpoint: Ethernet Instrument; 16 Thermocouple inputs, 16 RTD inputs, 16 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-24T-00R-24V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 24 Thermocouple inputs, 24 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-40T-00R-08V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 40 Thermocouple inputs, 8 Voltage inputs
  • DT8874-48T-00R-00V: MEASURpoint Ethernet Instrument; 48 Thermocouple inputs
  • DT9874-16T-00R-00V: MEASURpoint USB Instrument; 16 Thermocouple inputs
  • DT9874-48T-00R-00V: MEASURpoint USB Instrument; 48 Thermocouple inputs
  • Analog input
    • Channels: Up to 48
    • Resolution: 24-bit
    • Max sample rate: 10 S/s/ch
    • Sampling: Simultaneous
    • Ranges: ±10 V, ±60 VDC (±30 VAC)
    • Isolation: ±60 V ch-ch (functional); ±500 V ch-ch (peak withstand)
  • Sensors:
    • Thermocouple
    • RTD
    • Voltage
  • Digital I/O:
    • 16 channels