JTAG 2x7 Ribbon Cable

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This 6" ribbon cable incorporates multiple signal-ground pairs and facilitates error-free connections with a 2 mm pitch header. To take advantage of the ribbon cable, a mating connector must be incorporated into the target system. Perfect for connecting to the Pmod LVLSHFT. 

  • 6" Xilinx JTAG 2x7 pin cable
  • Ribbon Cable: 14 conductor, 1.0 mm center, round conductor flat cable, 28 AWG (7 x 36) stranded conductors, gray PVC with pin 1 edge marked.
  • 2 mm pitch ribbon female polarized connector, IDC connection to ribbon. Contacts are beryllium copper plated, 30 micro-inches gold plating over 50 micro-inches nickel. The connectors mate to 0.5 mm square posts on 2 mm centers.
  • One JTAG 2x7 Ribbon Cable

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