Test & Measurement Devices

Your own professional electronics benchtop. No lab or office required.  

Designed with portability in mind, our test and measurement solutions combine the feel and functionality of a professional lab bench with a flexible software user experience. 

Whether you are a professional seeking the freedom to test designs in virtually any environment or a student looking for a multipurpose debugging tool, Digilent's test and measurement products enhance your engineering experience and accelerate discovery and design. Take measurements and capture data directly to your computer, anytime and anywhere.

Our devices are USB connected for a laptop or PC-friendly user experience with Mac, Windows, and Linux compatibility. Along with quality hardware and software, Digilent test and measurement devices come with forum support and extensive documentation.

Essential Instruments

All Digilent test and measurement devices are multi-instrument electronics tools designed to bring the benchtop to you. Digilent's portable USB scopes, logic analyzers and signal generators allow you to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. Combined with our free WaveForms software, detailed documentation, and a dedicated support community, our test and measurement hardware will turn your computer into a multi-instrument circuit analysis tool, all without the physical constraints of a lab.

Analog Discovery Pro Line

Despite Digilent's origin in education, there is a growing demand for products that provide flexibility along with more robust capabilities that professional applications need. Digilent's Analog Discovery Pro line gives engineers the ability to tap into the efficiency of the WaveForms software while offering a wider selection of specifications in products created with the professional in mind.   


Digilent WaveForms software seamlessly connects to our USB portable oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and function generator products, such as the Analog Discovery Pro family, Analog Discovery 2 & 3, Analog Discovery Studio, and the Digital Discovery, with full Windows, MacOS, and Linux support (on almost all devices). This Digilent software, coupled with the compatible hardware, brings a powerful suite of instruments to enable analog and digital design on your personal computer. Designed with a clean, easy to use graphical interface for each instrument, WaveForms makes it easy to acquire, visualize, store, analyze, produce and reuse analog and digital signals.

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Extend signals, ensure secure connections, analyze audio, connect components, and more with help from Digilent's lineup of accessories. We offer all the parts you need to connect your instrument to a variety of designs.