DAQ & Data Logging

Digilent is now a proud distributor of Measurement Computing Corporation (MCC) cost-optimized DAQ equipment and data logging devices. MCC is a leading supplier of high-quality and affordable data acquisition devices that are easy-to-use, easy-to integrate, and easy to support. The Digilent DAQ shop offers USB DAQ, Ethernet, Raspberry Pi DAQ, multifunction DAQ, universal input data loggers, and stand-alone high speed DAQ devices with extensive software support to fit all skill levels. Many products feature built-in signal conditioning to make direct measurements from sensors including thermocouples, RTDs, load cells, accelerometers, and more.

MCC out-of-the-box software provides the ability to log and view data and generate signals. Drivers are included for the most popular applications and programming languages including:

  • Visual C++®
  • Visual C#®
  • Visual Basic®.NET
  • DASYLab®
  • LabVIEW
  • Linux®
  • Python

MCC is an NI company that offers a wide range of DAQ products and data logger devices for use in a variety of applications. These devices are designed to help users capture and analyze data from various sensors and instruments, making them ideal for scientific research, engineering applications, and industrial process control.

MCC DAQ devices are available in both USB and Ethernet DAQ formats, with a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs. These measurement DAQ devices can be used to measure and digitize analog signals from a variety of sensors and transducers, and convert them into a digital format that can be analyzed by a computer.

If you're looking to buy a DAQ board, one the most popular USB DAQ devices from MCC is the USB-1608G Series, which features eight 16-bit analog inputs and a sampling rate of up to 500 kS/s. The device also includes two analog outputs, eight digital I/O channels, and a variety of other features such as a counter/timer and a trigger input.

MCC also offers data logger devices, such as the USB-5100 Series, which is designed for continuous monitoring and USB data logging over an extended period of time. These devices can capture data from a variety of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, and humidity, and store the data on a built-in SD card.

In addition to their DAQ cards and data logger devices, MCC offers software and programming tools to help users interface with their devices and analyze their data. This software includes a variety of libraries for popular programming languages such as C, C++, and Python, as well as a graphical user interface for configuring and controlling MCC's devices.