NI myRIO Embedded Systems Accessory Kit

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The NI myRIO Embedded Kit contains common sensors, devices, and a display. Most of the products within the kit are also available for separate purchase. 

Please Note: this product is only available for customers in the US.

  • Pmod BT2 (410-214): Bluetooth interface
  • Pmod CLS (410-092): LCD display, serial I/F
  • Pmod DPOT (410-239): Digital potentiometer
  • Pmod KYPD (410-195): 16-button keypad
  • Pmod TMP3 (410-287): Temperature sensor
  • UART Crossover Cable (240-047): 6-pin, 6" crossover cable
  • Pmod Cable kit: 6" 6-pin Pmod cable
  • Pmod Cable Kit: 6", 12-pin Pmod cable
  • MTE Cable (250-061): 4-pin to 2x2-pin MTE cable
  • 6-pin Headers (240-004): 6-pin header and gender changer (5-pack)
  • 2x6-pin Headers (240-062): 2x6-pin header (5-pack)
  • CmodMIC: Microphone
  • IC25LC040A Serial EEPROM
  • 8x8 Dot Matrix LED Display

Quickly find what you need to get started and reduce mean time to blink.

NI myRIO Project Essentials