MCC AI-EXP48: Analog input expansion module for USB-1616HS Series

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The AI-EXP48 is an expansion module used to add 48 single-ended or 24 differential analog inputs to compatible hardware, such as the USB-1616HS Series devices. It connects to the parent device via a 25-pin expansion connector. The AI-EXP48 supports all of the analog input and temperature input capabilities of the parent device.

The AI-EXP48 can measure up to 48 channels of voltage or up to 24 channels of temperature. Each input channel is software configurable for either voltage or thermocouple. The analog inputs are provided on six rows of removable screw terminals. The voltage measurement speed is the same as the parent device. When measuring thermocouples, the parent device must be configured for differential inputs.

The AI-EXP48 receives power from the parent device. An external power supply may be required to supply sufficient power to both devices.

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AI-EXP48 Datasheet
AI-EXP-48 User Manual
DAQ and Datalogging on Reference